Annapurna circuit - the plan


Here is the initial plan for Annapurna Circuit, segment by segment with highlights, notes and everything that is interesting along the way. Plus updates as I do more research.


Bus from Kathmandu to Besi Sahar (760m): ~7h

Besi Sahar to Khudi (790m): 7 km, 30m, 2.00 hrs

Khudi to Bhulbhule (840m): 2 km, 50m, 0.30 hrs

Bhulbhule to Ngadi (930): 4 km, 90m, 1.15 hrs

Ngadi to Bahundanda (1310m): 4 km, 380m, 1.45 hrs

note: Ngadi has good views of the snow-capped mountains in the early morning

Bahundanda to Ghermu (1130m): 5 km, -180m, 1.30 hrs

Syange (1100m): ???

Ghermu Phant to Jagat (1300m): 3 km, 170m, 1.30 hrs

note: Ghermu sits in an open valley and is therefore a more pleasant place to spend the night than Jagat. Jagat is a dirty, congested village that sits in a narrow chasm.

Jagat to Chyamche (1385m): 4 km, 85m, 1.00 hrs

Chyamche to Tal (1700m): 5 km, 315m, 2.30 hrs

note: Tal is a nice place to stay, sitting in an open valley on a naturally dammed section of the river

Tal to Karte (1870m): 4 km, 170m, 1.30 hrs

Karte to Dharapani (1900m): 2 km, 30m, 1.00 hrs


  • excelent side trek to Bimthang

note: Dharapani is a good place to stay with good views up both canyons

Dharapani to Bagarchap (2160m): 2 km, 260m, 1.00 hrs

Bagarchap to Danaqyu (2200m): 2 km, 40m, 0.45 hrs

Danaqyu to Koto (2640m):   SLEEP

Highlights: Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, great mountain vistas

Upper trail:
Danaqyu (2200m) to Thanchowk (2570m): 6 km, 370m, 2.15 hrs
Thanchowk (2570m) to Koto (2640m): 4 km, 70m, 1.00 hrs
Lower trail:
Danaqyu (2200m) to Latamarang (2400m): 1.5 km, 200m, 1.00 hrs
Latamarang (2400 m) to Koto (2640m): 5.5 km, 240m, 2.00 hrs

note: Koto is small, clean and quiet as compared to the hustle and chaos of Chame.

Koto to Chame (2710m): 2 km, 70m, 0.45 hrs

Facilities: farmacy, hot showers, many guesthouses, hot springs

Chame to Bhratang (2850m): 7 km, 140m, 2.00 hrs

Facilities: cider/apple plant, not many guesthouses

Bhratang to Dhukur Pokhari (3240m): 6 km, 390m, 1.30 hrs

Dhukur Pokhari to Humde (3330m):


  • views along the upper trail are the best of the whole circuit (MUST DO)
  • Upper Pisang: Tibetan Buddhist Monastery for the Sunset and Sunrise chants


  • many guesthouses along the trail
  • Upper Pisang: large selection of guesthouses, some are well-insulated with attached bathrooms
  • hospital


  • blue/white trail: drops directly to Humde
  • red/white: high plateau, nicer
  • trail between Lower and Upper Pisang.


  • Ghyaru is high (3700), steep 420m climb, might experience first altitude sickness
  • many of the tours go by jeep to Lower Pisang then start the circuit from here
Upper trail:
Dhukur Pokhari (3240m) to Upper Pisang (3310m): 1.5 km, 70m, 1.30 hrs   SLEEP
Upper Pisang (3310 m) to Ghyaru (3730m): 4.5 km, 420m, 1.45 hrs
Ghyaru (3730 m) to Ngawal (3680m): 5 km, -50m, 1.45 hrs
Ngawal (3680 m) to Humde (3330m): 2 km, -330m, 0.45 hrs
Lower trail:
Dhukur Pokhari (3240m) to Lower Pisang (3240m): 6 km, 0m, 1.00 hrs
Lower Pisang (3250 m) to Humde (3330m): 7 km, 80m, 2.00 hrs

Humde to Bhraga (3450m): 6 km, 120m, 1.45 hrs

Facilities: hospital, old bakery, sauna @ Himalayan Lodge

Bhraga to Manang (3540m): 2km, 90m, 0.30hrs   SLEEP

Facilities: medicine, doctor (Himalayan Rescue Association), high altitude sickness Trails

class: mandatory side trek to Tilicho lake (4920m) for acclimatization or to Manang lake (4000m )

Manang to Khangsar (3740m): 5 km, 300m, 3hrs (???)

Khangsar to Shree Kharka (4060m): 3km, 320m, 1h

Shree Kharka to Tilicho BC (4150m): 7km, 90m, 3h(?)   SLEEP

Highlights: 2 teahouses

Tilicho BC to Tilicho Lake (4990m): 5km, 840m, 3hrs   TOP

Tilicho lake to Tilicho BC (4150m): 5km, -840m, 2.30 hrs

Tilicho BC to Shree Kharka (4060m): 7km, -90m, 3h(?)   SLEEP

Highlights: 2 teahouses + another one after 20 mins

Shree Kharka to Yak Kharka (4050m): 10km, 510m, 3hrs

Facilities: hydro power Note: only 3 guesthouse but better than Letdar

Yak Kharka to Letdar (4200m): 1 km, 150m, 0.30 hrs

Letdar to Thorang Phedi (4450m): 5 km, 250m, 2.30 hrs   SLEEP

Facilities: high and low camp

Highlights: bakeries and real coffee, Windhorse restaurant and lodge to socialize

note: leave at 2am and climb over the pass from here

Thorang Phedi to High Camp (4850m): 1 km, 400m, 1.00 hrs

Highlights: very steep up, sunrise viewpoint

Facilities: only one lodge

High Camp to Thorung Pass (5416m): 5 km, 2.15 hrs

Highlights: little trail at the top that leads to stunning views

Facilities: two teahouses along the way that serve hot drinks: one after 45min, one at the top of the pass???

Thorung Pass to Charabu (4230m): 6 km, 2.45 hrs


  • steep descent, might be snow
  • teahouses at the bottom

Charabu to Muktinath (3800m): 4 km, 1.15 hrs


  • hospital, hydro power all the way to Pokhara


  • few Hindus/Buddhist temples
  • otherwise desolate place, no stay


  • road starts from here

Muktinath to Kagbeni (2800m)


  • hospital


  • Kagbeni is charming, in a medieval Tibetan fashion
  • hidden alleyways and European like charm
  • high trail: fantastic views of the surrounding mountains
High trail: Muktinath to Jhong: 3 km, 1.30 hrs
High trail: Jhong (3540 m) to Kagbeni: 6 km, 1.45 hrs   SLEEP
Low trail: Muktinath to Jharkot: 1 km, 1 hrs
Low trail: Jharkot (3550 m) to Khinga: 3 km, 0.45 hrs
Low trail: Khinga (3355 m) to Kagbeni: 6 km, 1.45 hrs


Kagbeni to Ekle Bhatti (2740m): 2 km, 1.00 hrs


  • hike windy valley (all the way to Kalopani) and jeep traffic
  • maybe get a jeep?

Ekle bhatti to Jomsom (2720m): 7 km, 2.00 hrs


  • ATMs to get money - fee: 400 NPR, max 10k NPR


  • flights to Pokhara: 20 mins for $100
  • multi-legs drive to Pokhara: 6h-10h for $20

Jomsom to Marpha (2670m): 6 km, 1.30 hrs


  • hospital


  • monastery worth visiting.


  • 3h via NATT

Marpha to Tukuche (2590m): 6 km, 1.30 hrs


  • hospital

Tukuche to Kobang (2640m): 4 km, 1.00 hrs


  • hospital

Kobang to Larjung (2550m): 1 km, 1.00 hrs

Larjung to Kokhethanti (2525m): 3 km, 1.00 hrs

Kokhethanti to Kalopani/Lete (2535m): 3 km, 1.00 hrs


  • hospital

Kalopani/Lete to Ghasa (2010m): 7 km, 2.30 hrs


  • hospital

Ghasa to Kopochepani (1480m): 4 km, 1.30 hrs


  • route to the left (red/white, NATT??) to steep inclide away from the road

Kopochepani to Rupsechhahara (1500m): 2 km, 0.45 hrs

Rupsechhahara to Dana (1400m): 3 km, 1.00 hrs

Dana to Tatopani (1200m): 4 km, 1.30 hrs


  • hot springs - 150 NPR

Tatopani to Ghara (1700m): 5 km, 2.15 hrs

Ghara to Sikha (1935m): 6 km, 1.00 hrs

Sikha to Chitre (2350m): 1 km, 1.45 hrs

Chitre to Ghorepani (2870m): 2 km, 1.15 hrs


  • hospital

Ghorepani to Poonhill: 3km, 1.30 hrs


  • Poon Hill viewpoint (might be crowded)
  • alternative viewpoint, other on the other side, stone marker and shop snacks/drinks

Ghorepani to Chomrong: ABC side trek

Ghorepani to Ulleri (2010m): 2 km, 1.00 hrs

Ulleri to Tikhedhunga (1500m): 2 km, 1.00 hrs

Tikhedhunga to Birethanti (1025m): 6 km, 2.00 hrs

Birethanti to Nayapul (1070 m): 1 km, 0.30 hrs

Bus to Pokhara: ?h

Bus to Kathmandu: 6h


sim card

  • NTC has better coverage
  • Ncell works in major centres


  • very scarce

power charge

  • most teahouses have solar power
  • some places with hydro power
  • queue to get charged, cost: sometimes 200 Rs / charge or hour
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