Outpost, Toong, Clockin coworking


A very short review of 3 coworking spaces in 3 countries by 4 different criteria: space, crowd, amenities, and location.

The internet speed is pretty good (maybe a bit slower at Clock-in), this is no longer a concern.

Here are the winners for each category:

  1. the space - Toong, Hanoi, Vietnam
  2. the crowd - Outpost, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  3. amenities - Outpost, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia
  4. location - Clock-in, El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

And a few details for each coworking space:


Known as quite/high productivity space with good nomad crowd.

  1. the space - entire building with AC, quite room downstairs, blah-blah room with balcony upstairs, Skype booths, conf rooms
  2. the crowd - foreigners, mostly nomads and a few residents
  3. amenities - cafeteria next door, swimming pool at Bali Spirit hotel (100m walk)
  4. location - off the main streets, south of Ubud



The very first Toong location, famous in Hanoi.

  1. the space - fancy, two levels, nice architecture, decorations, and painting
  2. the crowd - mostly locals working in outsource-ing and half dozen foreigners
  3. amenities - free coffee/tea, small balcony and one rest area
  4. location - city center, busy street near Hoam Kiem lake



If you want to chill-out at the beach and work once in a while.

  1. the space - small, a single room
  2. the crowd - empty most of the time, tourists once in a while
  3. amenities - only free coffee and tea
  4. location - great, near Lio beach (200m walk)


If you want to get things done and meet nomad crowd then go to Outpost, Bali.

Happy coworking!!!