From Jekyll to Hugo


Since nobody wants to embrace the dark side of Wordpress anymore, the easiest way (that I knew of) to bootstrap a personal website was Jekyll and Netlify. I am a huge advocate of getting things done fast, no fluff, just real stuff and this is what I did, but quite soon I realized that static Jekyll is not enough anymore and I needed to find new home.

Well, the old/new kid in town is called Hugo and works like a charm with GitLab Pages, they even have a project template for it. Just create a new project based on that template, name it "" and this is it, you've got yourself a deployable site.

Now, there are many PROs/CONs but for me the main reason for this move is because Hugo supports Org-mode out-of-the-box. For those who don't know what org-mode is, I tell you, is the only organization/word/excel/presentation tool that you always needed.

You can still access the old site but from now on we'll take full advantage of literate blogging with Org-mode / Hugo and GitLab pages.

More information about literate blogging in a new post. Stay tuned.