Annapurna circuit - the training


Here is the 4-week training plan for Annapurna Circuit, a bit different than Gasherbrum2 training plan for a few reasons:

  • this is mostly endurance trekking d:~15km/day and h:~1000m/day for about 15 days
  • the highest altitude will only be 5400m with 3-4 days above 4000m


  • free-athlete training style - without using any facilities (no gym equip/pool/weights/belts, nada) just man-against-nature
  • train the joints - usually the joints are weaker than muscles and either cause pain (Achilles?) or fail first (knees anyone?)
  • specific exercises - focus mostly on exercises that are specific to hiking/trekking with only 1 rest day and 1 functional day per week
  • static training mask - my mask limits the quantity of oxygen only (the ones that change the concentration are much better)


  • sl-RDL: single-leg Romanian DeadLift (for hips)
  • SU/r-SU: Step-Up / reverse Step-Up (for knee)
  • CR/sl-CR: Calf Raise / single-leg Calf Raise (for ankle)
  • L/r-L: Lunges / reverse Lunges
  • s-L: split Lunges
  • S: Squats
  • j-S: jump Squats
  • sl-S: single-leg Squats
  • r-SD: reverse Step-Down


Week 1 - Aug 15th [DONE]

day training type exercises
Mon none hangover… thanks Vali/Radu :)
Tue freeletics beat your PB
Wed specific sl-RDL 6x10, r-SU 6x10, CR 6x10, S/r-S 3x25, S/r-S 3x25
Thu walking city walk - 12km
Fri specific sl-RDL 3x10, r-SU 3x10, CR 3x10 - in slow motion
Sat calisthenics strength workout
Sun specific hill climbing - d: 9km, h: 500m

Week 2 - Aug 22nd [DONE]

day training type exercises
Mon specific sl-RDL, r-SU, CR 3x10
Tue walking ~11km
Wed freeletics beat your PB
Thu walking ~8km
Fri calisthenics strength workout
Sat rest day
Sun specific hill climbing - d: 18km, h: 700m

Week 3 - Aug 29th [DONE]

day training type exercises
Mon rest day
Tue specific 3x10 sl-RDL, r-SU, CR, 3x50 S,L,r-L
Wed walking city walk d: 25km
Thu rest day a bit of knee pain
Fri freeletics beat your PB
Sat calisthenics strength workout
Sun specific hill h: 1000m, d: 16km, t: 4h

Week 4 - Sep 5th [DONE]

day training type exercises
Mon freeletics beat your PB
Tue specific 4x15 r-SD, CR, sl-RDL, 4x50 S,r-S,L
Wed rest day
Thu walking around city d:30km, t:6h
Fri rest day
Sat calisthenics strength workout
Sun specific hill h: 600m, d: 20km, t: 4h40m


  • 2022-09-12: final
  • 2022-08-17: initial training plan
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