First USA visit


It's been 20 fuckin' years since I set foot on the US soil for the very first time…

Here are the reminiscences of good old times:

  • getting a B1 visa at that time was quite a challenge
  • I traveled by myself since my colleague did not receive the USA visa
  • had an incident at immigration office and missed the connection flight
  • my English was pretty bad at that time (I am still working on it)
  • checked baggage did not arrive and I had nothing but the clothes on me
  • my first US photo was a quick shot of big, green road signs the way from airport
  • stayed at 307 N Commons Ford Rd, Austin, Texas, 78733 /img/usa-house.jpg
  • used to spend weekends by the pool drinking Margarita, what a life
  • I remember I was really impressed by multi-level bridges/highways
  • the gap between US and RO was huge at that time, a total different world
  • Iulius Mall (first mall in Iasi) was under construction
  • I was quite nervous when I went to Moneystar's office
  • huge corporate building, full of employees working in cubicles
  • had my own 2x2m cubicle with phone desk, computer and two monitors, fancy!
  • young and restless (21+ yo), looked even younger (w/o beard)
  • I had to get an ID card to get into bars/buy alcohol, lucky me /img/usa-idcard.jpg
  • as always, what happens in 6th St, Austin stays in Austin :)
  • I had great time traveling around with colleagues
  • weekend break in San Antonio, River Walk, was awesome
  • I saw sky-scrappers for the very first time in Houston
  • also, open day at NASA Johnson Space Center was impressive
  • but missed the opportunity to see NY and World Trade Center …

Happy memories!