Year 2018 in review


Back to annual review after 8 years, hopefully for real this time with the goods and the bads of 2018:

  • Trading: overall a good year but it could have been better
    • CFDs (Forex & Commodities) account - UPnL: 5%
    • Crypto futures account - RPnL: 440% (aka 4.4x), UPnL: 180% (aka 1.8x)
    • Bitcoin options account - UPnL: 2%
  • Crypto: the come back and I am “all in” this time
    • finally understanding the underlying tech/math/cryptography
    • invested in coins that I love (Bitcoin, Monero, etc) and plan to HODL
    • lots of study/courses and research
  • Technology: a bit of slow down
    • security research study, pen-testing and forensics analysis
    • kick off cryptos-ruby project and bitmex-api, deribit-api REST-API libraries
  • Sports: set back due to multiple injuries :(
    • Running - still recovering after an ankle injury in Sep
    • Walking - did a lot of walking and listen to 10 audio books and lots of podcasts
    • Snowboarding - carving is getting better and better but had a shoulder injury and I still feel a bit of pain
    • Swimming - paused swimming in summer due to shoulder injury, hope to resume soon
  • Travel: mostly business travel
    • Ukraine - winter snowboarding vacation
    • India - spent 6 weeks in Delhi to do knowledge transfer and a few days in Goa
    • USA - 3 weeks in Conshohocken with business matters
  • Business: new horizons
    • Zuppler - stepping down and unwinding responsibilities/work
    • getting ready to start my next gig with all the pros and cons

C ya in 2020.

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